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Purseket Giveaway!

Pursket purse organizerMy mom always told my brothers that “you just don’t look in a woman’s purse.” Growing up I thought it was because a girl needs a little privacy, but now that I’m grown I realize that I don’t like anyone looking in my purse because I’m a little ashamed of what they might find. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really embarrassed of what I’m carrying in my bag, but rather how messy it gets in there. When I have company over I try to clean up the house, but there’s just no way to keep a handbag’s interior clean and presentable all the time, is there?

Did you know that the #1 place where women “lose” their keys is in their purse? Raise your hand if you’ve ever searched the house only to find your keys exactly where you thought they were to begin with but couldn’t find them: in your purse. I know I’m guilty.

A while back I was introduced to the Purseket and I knew it was going to be a perfect fit to sell on The Organized Parent. The name is a combination of purse and pocket, which is exactly what it is: a series of pockets to help organize your purse. Now it doesn’t matter whether your handbag has poorly laid-out pockets, too many pockets, or no pockets at all. You can keep any purse, handbag, clutch or tote organized with the Purseket purse organizer.

The idea behind the Purseket is pretty simple: it’s a series of durable gusseted fabric pockets that accommodate all your essentials (and more). After you’ve placed everything in the pockets, the curved Purseket curls up into an oval and slips into your purse, conforming to fit its unique shape and size, and leaving space in the middle for your wallet and a day planner. There’s even a handy loop/post to hold your keychain. Let’s put it this way: if batman had a bat-purse instead of a utility belt, he would have a Purseket.

Medium Purseket purse organizer

Keeping your purse organized is the primary benefit of the Purseket, but I also really like how easy it makes transferring all of my tagalongs from one bag to another. It’s easy to swap from your everyday purse to a tote, to a handbag, to a diaper bag, to a reusable sack, to your carry-on and back again. I also really like how it adds a little more volume and body to my purse, fitting the natural shape of the bag.

Junior drop-in Purseket handbag organizerNow I don’t mind if anyone looks in my purse. In fact, I kinda show it off a little bit sometimes (good thing the fabric patterns are so pretty).

The Purseket is available in three sizes, small for slings, hobos and smaller bags, large for bigger totes and travel bags, and medium for anything in-between. I guess there’s actually a fourth size, the junior drop-in Purseket, which is designed for narrow bags (or purses that already have dividers).

Ok, enough of me going on about the Purseket (I think a little bragging about an organized purse is perfectly acceptable). We’re proud to carry the Purseket purse organizer at The Organized Parent, and we have a new Purseket available for free as a giveaway. It’s a size small, black/white check pattern. To enter for a chance to win it, simply like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter @TheOrganizedParent, then leave us a comment or tweet telling us about something you have in your purse right now. Tell you what, if you take a picture of the inside of your messy purse (or all the contents of your purse, dumped out) and share it with us, we’ll enter your name twice. We’ll accept entries through next Monday, December 12th and announce the randomly selected winner on Tuesday.

Good luck!