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Blog Parenting from the voice of experience.
Sail Into Spring

Living indoors through the winter months is a lot like being on a sailboat without wind - you wish that you could get moving and change the view. So when spring finally comes, your restless kids sail off in all directions, going to sports events, hangouts with friends, and outdoor activities. As captain, your responsibility is to coordinate your sailors’ schedules and while trying to reserve some time for your own spring activities.

When it comes to parenting older kids and teenagers, it’s nice to have a plan. But when it comes down to getting things done, what they have planned is more important than what you have planned. Let’s face it – when your kids don’t remember what they have planned for the week, you’re going to get last minute schedule conflicts (and the blame for not telepathically predicting and solving them).

Make it easier on everyone with a Teen Plan-It planning calendar. You can help them make posting their events and activities a standard part of their after-school routine. Simply post the teen calendar next to your regular calendar, with the appointment stickers in easy reach. Then inform your kids you will resolve any schedule conflicts based on the stickers posted on the calendar.

Of course, posting stickers on the calendar won’t do much good if you forget your own schedule. So as you’re encouraging a new routine for your kids, make updating your planner part of yours. Then you’ll be able to look forward to a quiet weekend preparing your garden without being broadsided by urgent chauffeur duty.