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Blog Parenting from the voice of experience.
A Place For Everything – Your Space-Saving Solutions

When it comes to your living areas, there’s one fail proof test for your organization – turn off all the lights and try to navigate your house. If you find yourself crunching over discarded drawings, setting off musical toys in the family room or banging your shins where the stroller juts into your hallway, then you might need some new space-saving ideas. And while you might be tempted to throw some of those 100-decibel toys away, there are other ways to save space.

First up – tackling the piles of papers your little artists generate every day. Everyone knows that drawing and coloring is a good way to keep kids entertained, which explains the constant inflow of important colored papers into your home, each with an important memory attached. While it might look like scribbles to you, to your child, it’s a reminder of the most recent library story time.

Instead of enduring fights and tears over throwing away paper, help your kids set up their own paper box, where they can store their favorite treasures. Once it fills up, they will need to throw away older items to make room for new ones (and they’ll develop that handy skill for the rest of their lives).

Dealing with strollers can be a challenge, especially for those of us who live in small spaces. Umbrella strollers tend to flop over, while traditional strollers are long and bulky. Then there’s the prospect of moving them around, or finding an unobtrusive corner to put them. One ingenious idea – get them off the ground. The StrollAway lets you hang your stroller from the back of a door, keeping it off the ground and out of your path.

And why stop with strollers? Get the toys off the floor with easy-to-fill, easy-to-carry Bucket Bins. Since your kids can fill and carry them by themselves, it will help your floor stay clean without as much of your direct involvement. And for the older mess-makers in your house, try the Handy Hold All – perfect for hanging hats, handbags, scarves, and the other things kids shed as they get home from school and kick into the corners.

Do you live in a smaller space? How have you managed to organize it? We welcome your comments.