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Blog Parenting from the voice of experience.
Celebrating Earth Day

By Veronica Lorca-Deutsch

What does Earth Day mean to you and your family? It seems like an observance that has not been around for too long, but it’s actually 42 years old this year. Here are a few ways to incorporate the special day into your family activities and make it a learning experience for everyone.

A fun tool to try with your family is the Ecological Footprint Calculator on The calculator is interactive and will show you and your family what impact you are having on the planet. It also ends with some simple suggestions to alter your lifestyle and reduce your Ecological Footprint.

Here are some easy ideas to get you started on the way to a more environmentally friendly life. One easy idea is to skip the plastic grocery bags. The perfect replacement is the reusable Bag from Envirosax, they’re much stronger than paper or plastic bags, have more storage capacity, and they’re machine washable. Get your children involved by letting them pick their favorite designs.

Furthermore, give your family members a job. Maybe one of your children will be in charge of remembering to bring your new bag when you head out to the store. Another can help remind the family to recycle their paper, plastic, and aluminum rather than just tossing it all in the trash.

Here’s an idea. Think about how much packaging you receive when eating out on the go. If you skip the fast food, you’ll feel better! Instead, take your lunch to work or school in a handy lunch tote & bottle slinger from Built NY. It’s a win for the environment and your family—not to mention your pocketbook.

If you’ve ever considered getting serious about your recycling efforts, make Earth Day your start day! Here are some simple tips to get you started

One last tip—try to walk more. How often do you hop into the car to go someplace within walking distance? It may take longer to get where you’re going, but walking accomplishes three things at once. First, you add a little more exercise to your day and have a chance to enjoy the fresh air. Second, you save on fuel. And third, you reduce emissions, which can be harmful to the environment. Even if you have no place to go, walking with the family is a great way to get everyone outside, enjoying the beautiful earth we’re celebrating this Earth Day, April 22, 2012!

It’s a good thing I like to travel. Since moving from Germany to the United States, my marketing opportunities have carried me to the East Coast, the Midwest, and now out West. It’s been a truly enriching experience. I enjoy meeting people and learning about their lives and perspectives. It helps that I’m fluent in English, German, and Czech. When I’m not at work, or focusing on my graduate courses at the University of Virginia, I’m busy trying to strike a balance between family, travel, and my passion for dance and yoga.