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Meal Time
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Kiddie Apron by O.R.E. OriginalsFood holds a prominent place in society, especially around the holidays—the sights, smells, and flavors of our favorite foods add an indelible mark on our memories and solidify holiday traditions. After all, what’s a party if not for food and conversation?

Holiday Cooking Preparation—Start EarlyEvery family member has a favorite meal they look forward to during the holiday season. Whatever that meal is, one thing is certain: It won’t cook itself.

By Jessica Gallagher

My successful cranberry sauce left me feeling pretty confident.  It was a good thing because the next recipe slightly intimidated me, Apple Pie.  Here’s the recipe:

Holiday Apple Pie

Reusable Bag by Envirosax - Kids Robot B12You’re driving a racecar, with one kid up front squeaking the horn while the other reaches for the butterscotch pudding.

Feed ME Note Pad by LobotoMEWhen you think about it, so much of life revolves around earning money and spending money. The funny thing is, it’s often the spending part that takes the most thought.


My third daughter is a drinker. Her favorite beverage is chocolate milk, but she drinks all sorts of stuff—juice, Gatorade, fruit punch, and even water. All you have to do is hand her a glass and she’ll guzzle it down. But eating is a completely different story. She’ll tell you she’s hungry; she’ll even tell you what she wants, but she’ll barely touch it once she has it.


Kikkerland ladybug kitchen timerI remember lying in my bed one Christmas Eve staring at the ceiling with jittery butterflies in my stomach—the aroma of apple pie and English toffee still wafting through the house. Some time around midnight, I finally drifted into a fitful sleep only to awake again at 4:00—still too early, but closer. For some reason, I decided to sing myself to sleep by chanting 4:03. By 4:04, I had woken my older brother and, well,
let's just say all wasn’t calm.

I hated waiting.

talking animal bag clip by Kikkerland pig oinkWhen you’re cooking a meal, if food is out, your kids will come in and pick at it. There’s no way to avoid it, and it takes more than a couple “it’s not ready yet-” or “you’ll spoil your appetite” -s to deter a hungry family. No time is this particularly difficult for children then during the several hours prior to a large holiday feast...

If you watch TV, you’ve probably seen public service announcements about how much fun it is to cook with your kids, especially during the holidays. They tout benefits such as helping them to eat healthier, giving them life skills, and making their lives more interesting, all while smiling kids stand in their position next to their happy parent, patiently waiting their turn to stir the brownie mix.