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Blog Parenting from the voice of experience.
stephanie's blog
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I believe the difference between being a happy mom and a stressed out mom lies in how we use our time. Some tasks and habits seem harmless enough. But they are actually distractions (a.k.a. time wasters). You know, the activity that will take just a second and ends up with you saying, “Oh, my. Where did the time go?”

Commit today to choose actions over distractions. Here are ten common distractions:

I was at the grocery store Saturday afternoon. I've written before that I'm not a fan of grocery shopping and recently began to outsource this chore to the shop-for-you service at my local store. But an unexpected warm and sunny day meant the grill was beckoning and that required a trip to the market!

I've been saying I'm going to do it for months. And this week, I finally did. It seems a little silly to be making such a big deal, BUT ... I took advantage of my grocery store's shop-for-you service.

I got my latest issue of Real Simple magazine, and like most months, I devoured it. My favorite article was by Amy Spencer on the topic of procrastination. I hate to admit, but I'm good at procrastinating. My favorite part was the section where Editor at large Danielle Claro held an unprocrastination day with a friend. She gathered all of those tasks that she had put off and made a day of completing them. Doing them with a friend made it a little easier and also made her finish her list.

Being fit was a “someday goal” I’ve always had for myself. But I never really pursued it. Last year, I had a shoulder injury and had to go for physical therapy. It was then I realized that if I didn’t take care of myself – now! – I would run the risk of having other injuries or ailments that would affect my life. Knowing I needed accountability, I joined a team fitness class and for the past eight months, I’ve been working with a trainer three days a week.